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  • Unlimited TV streaming and Gaming System

    Kodi streaming and Retro Gaming System on a Micro PC

    Stream All Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

    Stream every movie and TV show ever made on virtualy any TV.
    Any TV can be brought back to life and converted into a new smart TV, capable of connecting all your smart device together.
    Although the Kodiplatform can be installed on any machine, it is much more convenient to have a hand held sized Micro PC permenantly attched to your TV, especially if you don't have an extra computer lying around.

    Retro Pi

    With the Retro Gaming system you can play all the old favorites on any of the gaming systems

    System Includes

    • Kodi Media Center
    • Game emulators: Sega - Playstation - Nintendo - Super Nintendo - Atari
    • Two USB Xbox gaming controllers
    • Wireless Injection Card to increase WiFi Range
    • Micro PC Premium Kit